Redefining a visual language and establishing a scalable system of components for a web application.
Design system
The existing SQ ONE web platform showed a lot of inconsistencies due to its rapid growth and a non-existing library of components and patterns. Many of the existing elements were also lacking accessibility standards. Both the development effort and the design dept were high, with a multitude of non-reusable components and styles.

I took an initiative to get the executive buy-in and establish a new design system, consisting of reusable components and thorough documentation of use.
SoniQ Serivces

January 2021–June 2021
My Role
• Leading project planning and organisation 
• Facilitating a Design Principles workshop
• Auditing UI components and styles, evaluating 
• Designing reusable components, documentation of use cases, and defining accessibility guidelines
• Collaborating with developers

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