Rethinking the shift planning experience for site managers in cleaning operations.
Field service management
With the SQ One platform, SoniQ Services offers digital solutions for optimizing process management across multiple sites for companies specializing in cleaning services.

In the course of the app development, it became apparent that its expansion or further development was associated with a large number of challenges. Not only the infrastructure of the backend was problematic, but also there was an unnecessary complexity in the interface and the user experience had its flaws. The core task of planning a shift became tedious, while no longer accommodating the user needs of a growing number of customers with different profiles.

I took on the challenge to evaluate, completely rethink and redesign the application, as well as introduce the best design practices and Lean principles to the organization.
SoniQ Services

January 2021–June 2021

My Role
• Shapeing user-centric design processes while conceptualising, prototyping, and designing solutions for a SaaS platform as lead designer with a team of 3
• Fostering collaboration and consistency across teams by working closely with management, engineers, and other stakeholders through workshops, reviews, and continuous insight sharing
• Conducting and structuring UX research efforts such as expert interviews, journey maps, and usability tests (remote) with over 10 customers to make evidence-based decisions
• Introducing a systemic approach to design by establishing a design system of visual language in Figma and a component library in Storybook
• Collaborating with development in an Agile environment
Applied Methods and Frameworks
• Customer Interviews
• Competitor Analysis
• Synthesising Research Data
• Process Mapping
• User Journeys
• Persona Creation
• Jobs To Be Done
• Task Flows
• Information Architecture
• Card Sorting
• Design Sprint
• Wireframing
• Prototyping
• Usability Testing
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